ELECTIONS past and future

by Joe Courter

The recent city commission elections in the city came out as hoped with Arreola and Ward retaining seats and Saco joining the commission. As far as the presidential primary, Bernie lost to Biden, but he came in second with over 40 percent, and that was the highest percentage vote for Sanders in any county in the Florida. So it goes …

Looking ahead, the primaries for the November election are contested in August. They will be party-based closed primaries for most offices, and wide open primaries for nonpartisan offices such as school board and judges. It is really important to get the best candidates in to challenge the Repubs in the fall, and worthy of working to register people to vote, as well. 

Lots more in later issues, but know that getting Trump out is the overriding goal in November, and a big voter turnout is the means to do that. That ground work begins in the primaries, and in support for the down-the-ticket races. 

Here’s what’s up:

• Representative in Congress (District 3)

• State Representative (Districts 10, 20, 21) 

• Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller 

• Property Appraiser

• Sheriff

• Supervisor of Elections

• Tax Collector

• Alachua County Commission: Districts 1, 3, 5

• Alachua County School Board: District 2, 4

• Alachua County Judge: Group 4

• Eighth Judicial Circuit Court

• Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen (party contests)

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